Have you already made the necessary legal arrangements with regards to cohabitation, children, marriage, gifts, divorce, or death?


Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, or maybe need some help in selling your current business, we here at Actus have all the requisite expertise in-house, to advise and to guide you along the way.


Buying a home means taking numerous aspects into account, with a lot to consider, but generally, all at once. Why don’t you let us take this out of your hands? Your worries will be in our safe hands and we will take good care of all the legal formalities.

About us

Actus Notarissen is one of the largest notary offices in The Netherlands. We guarantee optimal service and expertise in all fields, whether it’s offering services in the field of civil agreements, testaments, donations, estate planning, as well as the creation thereof, plus other forms of enterprise, and the transfer of shares.