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Notarial Corporate law
Our Corporate Law team can assist you in a variety of corporate legal matters. We advise on, and assist with, the establishment of legal entities (private companies, public companies, co-operatives, foundations and associations) and businesses without legal personality (partnerships). We also assist in matters such as share issues, takeovers, mergers and split-ups, reorganisations and restructuring. We are furthermore your first point of contact if you need advice on issues such as business succession, estate planning, corporate governance and limitation of executive liability.
We are entrepreneurs, just like you. We know what drives you. We are straightforward, accessible, client-oriented and professional. We speak plain language, both about our services and about the fees we charge. You know where you stand with us.
Irene Steltenpool
Civil law notary
Practice area: corporate law
Irene (1967) is a civil law notary in the Corporate practice group in Amsterdam. She specialises in mergers and takeovers, split-offs, cross-border legal mergers, restructuring, joint-ventures, setting up companies, co-operatives and partnerships, employee participation, corporate governance and financing and securities. Irene’s clients are large and medium-sized companies, both national and international.


Goede Vrijdag, Paasdagen

Goede Vrijdag, 19 april, zijn onze kantoren gesloten evenals tijdens de paasdagen.
Dinsdag 23 april zijn wij u graag weer van dienst.
Fijne dagen toegewenst!



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